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dankwoods thin mints

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dankwoods thin mint



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Dankwoods Thin Mints is a combination of Durban Poison and OG Kush. The combination of these two popular strains coming together with results in a perfectly balanced hybrid with a 50% Indica / 50% Sativa split. Many people mistakenly believe Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies to be a member of the extremely popular Girl Scout Cookies family, but this is not the case. Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies’ breeders initially gave it its name due to how closely it resembled Girl Scout Cookies .  And its minty aroma, despite them having no genetic connection.

thin mint strain plants perform best when kept in a dry, warm climate, ideally outside. Outdoor plants are usually ready for harvest around early to mid-October with an average yield of 14 ounces.

Medical Benefits Of  Dankwoods Thin Mint | Fake Dankwoods | Dankwood

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies is more than just a fun recreational strain; it also has a number of medical benefits that make it a popular option. Being a hybrid, patients use Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies to treat both mental and physical conditions. Thanks to its uplifting high and full-bodied experience.

Dankwoods Thin Mints is useful for chronic and severe pain. Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies may be particularly beneficial for those who suffer from arthritis. The numbing effects of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies quickly spread across your body. targeting pain and making it almost unnoticeable for a few hours.

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies may also reduce inflammation, which can lead to further pain and potentially long term health conditions. Inflammation presents itself in many different ways, causing joint pain and making it difficult to perform daily tasks. Scientists have even linked it to long-term conditions such as heart disease and dementia.

What Are Dankwoods | Dankwoods Wholesale | Thin Mints Dankwoods | Dank-woods

As is the case with most intense, full-bodied indicas, thin mint increases appetite. This makes it a good pick for anyone undergoing treatment that suppresses their appetite. It can also help those who suffer from eating disorders.

The sedative effects of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies mean that a bigger dose can help to combat insomnia. Most people find that towards the end of a Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies high, it becomes difficult to stay awake. It’s suddenly the next morning in the blink of an eye!

thin mint strain can also be a useful strain for those who struggle with anxiety and depression. It’s uplifting mental high and sense of clarity allow you to block out negative and stress-inducing thoughts. This provides a few hours of peace and a chance to work through feelings calmly. Equally, thin mint is a rewarding strain to grow for more experienced cultivators due to its short growth cycle and greater than average yield.


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